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Bedford Waterfront – Summer 2016 Update


Summer 2016 Update: 

Waterfront Development suspended infilling operation for Phase II in 2013 and has been working with the community on a mixed-use plan for the existing site. Further formal planning for the future of the site was suspended when the Halifax Regional Municipality put consideration of new development along Bedford Highway on hold until transportation and servicing infrastructure studies could be completed.

We recognize the importance and value of these studies and continues to hold our development plans for Bedford waterfront lands pending their completion. This is because the outcome of Halifax’s analysis and decision ultimately inform what is possible on the Bedford waterfront.

In the interim, we are exploring options to stabilize the infill material and slopes at the water’s edge, including stabilizing the outer edge of the site with large rock to protect against tidal and wave action, and regrading of the site to even out the existing material on site. This project will ultimately contribute to the safety of the site. We will provide further updates if this project moves forward.

Rock Formations:
Rock formations were removed from the infill site on the Bedford waterfront because they pose a risk to the public if they were to fall or be interacted with. Our team at Waterfront Development met with the gentleman who created the formations. He understood, and was supportive of the plan to remove the structures because they are unsafe. We worked with him during the week of June 27/2016 to photograph/chronicle the formations which we will share here on our website.

We encourage people to use and enjoy the public spaces and amenities created on the Bedford waterfront such as the boardwalk, marina, volleyball courts, BBQ and picnic areas. The infill site is not an area suitable for public access. We have security on site to ensure the public does not access the area, for their safety.

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Feedback is welcome at bedford@wdcl.ca and through our current online feedback form. Past summaries are available here.