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Together, we are building waterfronts that are experiential and economic hubs for all Nova Scotians.

With oversight and direction from our high-calibre Board of Directors, Waterfront Development works in the following core business areas:

Waterfront Planning 

We engage with public and private organizations, as well as the public at large, to plan projects that contribute to the development of world-class waterfronts, maintaining continuous public access to the water’s edge.

Infrastructure Development

Our multi-year development projects attract investment and enhance the waterfront as a key destination for residents and visitors.

Commercial Marine/Real Estate Management 

Our portfolio includes approximately 120 acres of waterfront real estate in Dartmouth, Bedford, Lunenburg, and Halifax—including many of the most-visited places in Nova Scotia.

Business Development 

Our waterfront assets are leveraged as a platform for private sector investment, enabling businesses large and small to showcase their products and services to the world.

Our Mandate: Waterfront Development exists for the purpose of redeveloping and revitalizing the lands surrounding Halifax Harbour and any other lands designated by its shareholder, the Province of Nova Scotia.

Working with partners we have received a number of recognitions over the years.

Business Plans:
2017/18 Business Plan
2016/17 Business Plan

2015/16 Business Plan
2014/15 Business Plan
2013/14 Business Plan
2012/13 Business Plan
2011/12 Business Plan

2011-2013 Departmental and Public Service Organization Statements of Mandate

Financial Statements:
2015/16 Accountability Report 
2015/16 Financial Statements and Public Sector Compensation Disclosure
2014/15 Accountability Report
2014/15 Financial Statements
and Public Sector Compensation Disclosure
2013/14 Financial Statements including the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure
2012/13 Financial Statements including the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure
2011/12 Financial Statements including the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure
2010/11 Financial Statements

Past Annual Reports:
2010 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report

For a copy of Waterfront Development Annual Reports not listed here, please contact us at 902.422.6591 or email us.

Travel and Hospitality 
Waterfront Development Travel and Hospitality Policy

For travel and expense summaries, please see below:
Senior Management:  Official Travel Expenses – April 1 2016 – February 2017
Senior Management:  Official Hospitality Expenses – April 1 2016 – February 2017

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