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Request for Proposal:  Provision of Leased Office Space on the Halifax Waterfront for Waterfront Development (currently transitioning to Develop Nova Scotia)
Closes: July 27, 2018, 2:00PM AST

Request for Proposal: Human Resources Recruitment For Develop Nova Scotia (formerly Waterfront Development Corporation). An invitation by Develop Nova Scotia to firms with strong expertise in human resources to submit proposals to lead talent recruitment for multiple key roles further described in the RFP Particulars.
Closes: August 3, 2018, 2:00PM AST 

At Waterfront Development, we engage with public and private sector companies in projects and transactions that contribute to the development of world-class waterfronts.

For more on please visit Nova Scotia Procurement web site please visit here.

We are committed to best practices in purchasing and in sustainability. Our procurement activities comply with the Nova Scotia Sustainable Procurement Policy and we are committed to supporting our environment, economy and society through adherence to this policy wherever possible by:

Ensuring that our requirements for goods, services, construction, and facilities are met through an open, fair, and transparent process that maximizes competition and value to Waterfront Development.

Ensuring bidders have reasonable notice and opportunity to tender.

Fostering economic development by ensuring every capable Nova Scotia supplier has the opportunity to do business with Waterfront Development.

Ensuring Waterfront Development procurement decisions consider the benefit to the environment and social fabric of Nova Scotia.

Adhering to all trade agreements which create economic opportunities for Nova Scotians.

Treating out of province bidders in the same way as their jurisdictions would treat bidders from Nova Scotia.

Being accountable for procurement decisions.