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New Place – Halifax Waterfront


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Shaping a New Place on the Halifax Waterfront!

The Queen’s Landing vendor area on the Halifax waterfront is moving to a new place for spring 2017. This new place will be a more vibrant place for Nova Scotian small business, art and entertainment.

The new site is located near the water side of Foundation Parking lot, near the Summit Building, Stubborn Goat Beer Garden and Waterfront Warehouse (see map below). This site presents many exciting opportunities given its location, size and connections.

In June, over 100 people participated in engagement sessions to help shape the vision, and visit the new site. The session included a project overview, an update on what we heard from the engagement sessions, a concept presentation, and exercises to enhance the concept. #shapemywaterfront

Thank you to those who joined us for a Concept Review Session on July 14 at Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to help shape this new place on the Halifax waterfront.

Read More About What We Heard at the Engagement Sessions in June/16 

New Place Concept