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Marina Code of Environmental Conduct

Waterfront Development Marina Code of Environmental Conduct:

As part of our efforts to preserve marine life and create a safe environment for people, Waterfront Development has implemented a Marina Code of Environmental Conduct.

The Blue Flag Marina Season runs from May 1 until October 31.

Marina Users, Vessel Owners, and Vessel Operators, please:

  • Respect the marina environment and surrounding marine areas.
  • Refuel at a designated fuel dock only.
  • Discharge bilge water at a designated pump-out facility.
  • Discharge sewage, or black water, at a designated pump-out facility only, and never into the Halifax Harbour or into the ocean.
  • Hazardous materials may not be disposed of on Waterfront Development property.
  • Major boat repairs may not be conducted on Waterfront Development property. Small repairs may be carried out in a conscientious manner, so long as litter, liquid or dry contaminants do not contaminate the ground or the water.
  • Boat washing may only be conducted on Waterfront Development property if eco-friendly detergents are used. Please limit the amount of washing you carry out.
  • Make every effort to use environmentally friendly products for maintaining and cleaning vessels.
  • Make use of onshore washroom facilities while at berth.
  • Retain all wastes onboard vessels while at sea and dispose of it in the appropriate receptacles for compost, recycling and waste upon your return to shore.
  • Respect vulnerable and natural areas in-and-around the Halifax Harbour, and along Nova Scotia’s coastline by taking necessary precautions not to alter, disrupt or destruct any of these areas, or by avoiding them altogether.
  • Do not smoke on wooden structures, walkways, or floating docks.
  • Do not park or use motor vehicles within the marina. Please make use of pay-and-display parking facilities.
  • Report any spills of hazardous materials such as fuel, oil, cleaners, etc. to the Marina Office.
  • Do not swim within the marina’s boundaries.
  • Do not consume alcohol on Waterfront Development property. Alcohol may be consumed in the confines of your vessel. Please do so under moderation, and do not drive your vessel.
  • Do not use fireworks or have open fires on Waterfront Development property.