Lunenburg | Develop Nova Scotia
Four unique waterfronts filled with experiences for all ages.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site has lots to do for seafarers and landlubbers alike. Museums and whale watching. Tours and shopping. Schooners and ships. Whatever type of activity you’re looking for, the Lunenburg waterfront offers the opportunity for exciting new experiences at the water’s edge. Visit Explore Lunenburg for more shops, services, galleries and ideas.


Mosaic Treasures of the World

Always on the lookout for new and exciting product lines from Canada and around the world, MOSAIC has established a reputation as one of the finest shopping destinations on the South Shore.

Ironworks Distillery

A micro-distillery located in the old port of Lunenburg, crafting their spirits with the same love of traditional methods and attention to detail. Drop by their distillery shop and enjoy a taste.

Dory Shop

Visit the shop where the iconic Grand Banks dory and other traditional wooden watercraft have been built for close to a century.

Lunenburg Walking Tours

Providing visitors with an educational and fun introduction to the history, architecture, and culture of this fascinating community. Both daytime and evening tours available, along with options to personalize your experience.


Diving Tours

If you’re a diver, check out one of our guided tours of the Saguenay, a decommissioned 112-metre Canadian Navy destroyer, which was sunk to create an underwater marine park. Check out the calendar of events.

Lunenburg Whale Watching

An exciting, three-hour whale watching tour of the North Atlantic. The whales are magnificent. Sometimes so close, you can touch them. Catch a glimpse of fin, pilot, minke and the favoured humpback whales, plus birds, seals and more.

Trot in Time Buggy Rides

Enjoy a 35-minute tour from the waterfront to the top of town and down again. Commentary, legends, and special stories will accompany the world-renowned historical views.

Sail Lunenburg Star Charters

Sail the same majestic waves as the proud schooner, Bluenose II. Explore the Lunenburg harbour. Discover the sea caves of the famous Oven Natural Park. Or just bask in the sun and soak in the beauty that surrounds you.

Picton Castle

A three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, but best known for adventurous sail training voyages around the world. The ship’s mission is deep-ocean sail training and long-distance education.

Bluenose II

Walking on the deck of the majestic Bluenose II transports you back to a time when fishing schooners were alive with activity, sailing the waters of the North Atlantic. The chance to see and experience Bluenose II is not to be missed.

Heritage Fishing Tours Lunenburg

This fishing/sightseeing vessel comes fully equipped for any outing in Lunenburg’s famous harbour. Whether it’s a short 45-minute experience with a historical perspective or trying your luck fishing for Mackerel.

Bluenose Golf Course

A picturesque, 9-hole golf club that presents golfers with a challenging game. Small greens and uneven lies offer great views of beautiful Lunenburg.

Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic

The ultimate waterfront experience for the entire family! Activities, a fascinating aquarium, a fishing schooner and trawler, boats, films, and exhibits. Visitors can have a yarn with Old Salts, have a delightful meal, shop, and experience the best of Lunenburg. It’s also the home of the Bluenose II.