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The Craft of Crystal

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NovaScotian Crystal, located on the Halifax waterfront, is open year-round and is North America’s only mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal maker. What started a generation ago, from a group of Irish immigrants with a commitment to preserving an ancient craft that is disappearing in the world, has become a truly Canadian story of respect for tradition, beauty and fine craftsmanship. NovaScotian Crystal has created a series of patterns and designs that are as functional as they are brilliant and each piece is uniquely created by the hands of their Craftsmen.

The History of Crystal Making

While glass has been made for thousands of years, crystal making began in England during the late 17th century. During the next several hundred years, the craft spread throughout Europe and crystal became prized for its beauty, heft, and light refraction. The high level of skill required of the blowers and cutters in the craft of crystal is appreciated worldwide.