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A variety of planning and development related links of interest.

Canadian Urbanism
Canadian Urban Institute
Canadian Institute of Planners
Planning and Design Centre
Dalhousie University: School of Architecture
Town of Lunenburg: Planning and Development

Articles of Interest:

Halifax becoming a big fish in the ocean startup ecosystem, and it doesn’t stop there, July, 2018

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster: Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Voice, April 2018

Rendez-vous Canada 2018: Introducing Halifax, Nova Scotia! February, 2018

Aboriginal Business Report: Industry Magazine, January, 2018
A Tall Order (Page 30) 

Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Voice: December, 2017
A change agent’s legacy: Colin MacLean left an indelible mark on Halifax and Dartmouth

DK Travel: October, 2017 World’s Most Beautiful Small Towns (Lunenburg)
DK Travel has included Lunenburg on their World’s Most Beautiful Small Towns list. It’s the only Canadian spot mentioned.

Chronicle Herald, October, 2017:  COVE seeking tenants for Dartmouth site
The former coast guard site in Dartmouth is being transformed into the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), which will open in the spring of 2018.  The centre is designed to foster the sharing of ideas and expertise among companies of all sizes looking for a collaborative environment to propel forward unique concepts.

Metro News, October, 2017:  The future of Halifax:  Metro talks to Toronto’s former chief planner ahead of city building conference
A new conference on Monday aims to start a conversation about the future of Halifax.  Art of City Building will host city planners from around the world to tackle one major question: What is the Halifax we want to be?  Jennifer Keesmaat is a keynote panelist at the conference, and Toronto’s former chief planner. She hasn’t announced what her next gig will be, but she’s currently a distinguished visiting scholar in residence at the University of Toronto. Keesmaat was also involved in the creation of HRM By Design, the municipality’s planning strategy adopted in 2009.

Chronicle Herald: October, 2017: Innovation, history key to building Halifax’s future
Commercial development in Halifax can be a particularly touchy subject for many Nova Scotians. It’s a city built upon decades of history and has a unique mix of heritage buildings and contemporary architecture. While some view growth, especially in the downtown core, as almost taboo, others fear the city will become irrelevant, stagnant, without an ongoing infusion of new development.

The question then becomes: How do we preserve the uniqueness and heritage of Halifax while still encouraging healthy growth that will sustain the many businesses and residents of an ever-evolving city? That is what presenters and moderators of the Art of City Building (AOCB) conference are hoping to discover.

Landlopers Blog: September, 2017:  Halifax, Nova Scotia – Why My First Visit Won’t Be My Last

Equipment Journal, September 2017: Unearthing the Past at the Queen’s Marque in Halifax
In their quest to provide open space through downtown Halifax’s Queen Marque, developers have unearthed important archaeological artifacts. Featuring a permeable ground level, European-style plaza and public squares at George and Prince streets, it is set to be a structure like no other in the area. However, great care is now being paid to the artifacts being uncovered.

Global, August, 2017: Downtown Halifax sees big business despite construction woes
Big crowds around the waterfront are translating into big business for restaurants, shops and tour operators. Paul Mackinnon, executive director of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission said, “There was a concern that maybe construction will keep people away, but it didn’t really seem to by all indications.” The bump in tourism is even making its way over to Dartmouth, as well. Official tourism numbers won’t be released until later in the year.

Global, July 2017: Thousands expected to flock to Halifax, Dartmouth waterfront for Tall Ships Regatta

Halifax Magazine, January, 2017: “Not the City I Knew”, Op Ed

CBC Nova Scotia, December 9, 2016: Waterfront Development seeks new vendors for Halifax boardwalk
“We are accepting ideas around different forms of buildings,” said Jennifer Angel, the acting president of the Waterfront Development Corporation, “so they might be like the kiosks or they may be some different model. 

Metro News, December 9, 2016: Plan shows new public area with vendors, seating on Halifax waterfront. Waterfront Development is asking for proposals from vendors wanting to operate in the new space, which is set to open this June.

AllNovaScotia, November 29, 2016
City Staff Green Light McCrea’s Queen’s Marque
After a lengthy review, City Hall planners are supporting the approval of Scott McCrae’s $200M waterside development Queen’s Marque. In a new report, planner Luc Ouellet recommends the development be approved by the city’s Design Review Committee when it meets later this week.

Metro Halifax, June 21, 2016
Take it up a notch:’ public, business owners asked to help shape Halifax waterfront space
Waterfront Development is hosting sessions to gather ideas for the area between Sackville and Salter streets

Metro Halifax, March 21, 2016
Halifax regional centre plan meeting draws a crowd, brings forward ideas

Lighthouse Now, March 16, 2016
Lunenburg’s Foodland chalks up another award
Fast forward to 2016, and the store has just been named by Sobeys, its parent company, as store of the year for the Maritimes for the second time in five years. In addition to that, it has also won the firm’s prestigious “winning conditions” award. Within the Sobeys framework, Foodland is the community-based banner found in 51 smaller markets in the Maritimes.

Local Xpress, March, 2016

SCHNEIDEREIT: How much of Dartmouth’s Sawmill River will rise from the dust?

Halifax Magazine, January, 2016
Parking and Surviving in Downtown Halifax

CBC, January 18, 2016
Halifax’s downtown isn’t dying despite rising vacancy rate, city says

Chronicle Herald, March 30, 2015
Editorial:  Base great investment in booming ocean tech sector

Chronicle Herald, March 25, 2015
Ex-coast guard base in Dartmouth to become focus of ocean research

The Canadian Press, March 25, 2015
Nova Scotia government purchases property from coast guard for $6.5million

Chronicle Herald, January 10, 2015
DEMONT: A Decade of Change Ahead for Halifax

Downtown Halifax Business Commission, December, 2014
New Barrington Benches and Interactive Art Revitalizes Site.

Chronicle Herald: Business Voice, December 2014
The blue economy: A place defined by the ocean and a culture of innovation. By Colin MacLean.

Bedford Magazine, December 2014
Revising a Vision. With feedback from the public, a new plan for the Bedford waterfront looks ahead with a smaller footprint.

Metro Halifax, December 2, 2014
Thousands of More People Wanted to Live in a Re-vamped Downtown Dartmouth.

Chronicle Herald, October 28, 2014
Developing a Vision

CTV Atlantic, October 21, 2014
NS in Negotiations to Buy Prime Waterfront Property From Federal Government.

Halifax Magazine, October, 2014
The Rising Ocean

Articles on Planning
Applied Arts
Charming Environmental Design: The Footprints of Copenhagen. Tiny details add a layer of charm and humanity to the ordinary aspects of city living.

Halifax Magazine
Tear Down This Wall. With the redesign of the Cogswell Interchange, Halifax gets a rare chance to correct an urban planning disaster and reunite a city.

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