Principles | Waterfront Development
Harnessing the potential of Nova Scotia.

Our waterfronts—spectacular locations on the water’s edge—are among Nova Scotia’s most visited destinations and sought-after development areas. Waterfront Development harnesses the waterfront’s potential by creating ideas, infrastructure and experiences that stimulate business investment and community pride. The redevelopment and revitalization of waterfront lands is the primary mandate of the corporation, and following our development principles is crucial on the Halifax waterfront, and every waterfront.

Development Principles

Waterfront Development is engaged with public and private sector organizations, and the public at large, in planning development. In fulfilling our public obligations Waterfront Development strives to plan and coordinate developments that:

  • Maximize continuous public access to the water’s edge;
  • Create public spaces that are of high quality, rich in amenities and flexible in their use;
  • Preserve and interpret historical uses, activities and forms of the waterfront, and conserve lands with marine industrial use potential;
  • Provide active and dynamic year-round destinations;
  • Integrate well with, and support, the surrounding urban fabric;
  • Exemplify architectural quality, have animated streetscapes, and respect and support activity at the water’s edge, and;
  • Are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Waterfront Development puts these principles into effect by:

  • Coordinating the adaptive best use redevelopment of underutilized waterfront properties;
  • Working with colleagues to continually benchmark international best practices for waterfront development to determine appropriate built form and use;
  • Redevelop properties through innovative partnership that are aligned with the public interest, and designed to support and celebrate animated public spaces and foster economic development;
  • Ensuring high quality designs and maintenance of public spaces, including public marine recreational facilities;
  • Championing developments that support sustainable development principles in all project life cycle phases;
  • Coordinating ongoing consultation with the general public and private and public sector partners to determine best use and achieve world class waterfront developments;
  • Working collaboratively with relevant regulatory approval bodies and organizations with shared mandates;
  • Working with private and public sector partners to leverage investments in public realm infrastructure.